10 Xiaomi gadgets to practice sports

The Asian manufacturer has managed to diversify its business in a truly surprising way. A few years ago, Xiaomi became known through its mobile phone division, where it stood out for offering a high quality-price ratio. But, the Chinese giant does not stop presenting products of all kinds: smart lamps, wearables … And yes, a few gadgets for practicing sports.

And, Xiaomi has taken advantage of the boom in products to take care of your body by presenting all kinds of solutions through its collective financing platform, having overwhelming success in each of them. Yes, the firm has presented a good number of products with which you can practise all kinds of sports in the best possible way.

What Xiaomi products are used to practice sports?

The problem is that the product range is so extremely wide that sometimes you don’t know which model to choose. Don’t worry, we’ve wanted to make things easy for you, offering you all kinds of solutions so that you can do sports in the best possible way. And beware, you will be able to find products of all kinds, so regardless of your objective, you will be able to take advantage of any of the devices that we offer you.

Yes, you have treadmills, sports shoes, smartwatches, smart bands … Come on, the available Xiaomi offer will leave you with your mouth open. The best of all? That most of the solutions are connected. Yes, the Beijing-based firm has equipped the vast majority of artificial intelligence gadgets through its Mijia application.

You can control any aspect from your mobile

In this way, you can link any of the compatible products in this compilation with your phone or tablet. Thanks to this, you will be able to activate certain functionalities in a much more comfortable way, access exercise routines … Come on, the possibilities are really wide. In addition, and as usual in the manufacturer’s solutions, all the models that you will find have a really interesting value for money.


We start this compilation with one of the most complete Xiaomi products. And, this treadmill has everything to satisfy the needs of any user. To begin with, this Xiaomi KINGSMITH K9 treadmill has a cushioning system that will ensure that your ankles do not suffer even if you run at full speed.

Speaking of speed, say that this model offers different modes, also being able to choose the level of inclination to add a really interesting extra difficulty. Add to that the fact that you can link the treadmill with your mobile phone to be able to access all kinds of functionalities, among which a virtual personal trainer stands out that has all kinds of physical activities to get you in shape, to make it clear that this product is the best you will find on the market.

WalkingPad C1

In case you see that the previous model is too big, you can opt for this WalkingPad C1 treadmill. In this case, we find a model with much more restrained dimensions. It stands out for being foldable, so you can store it wherever you want so that it is not a nuisance at home.

A product that, despite its simplicity, still has some very interesting features, especially the cushioning system that will prevent you from having ankle problems after prolonged use.

Xiaomi Mijia Sneaker 2

The Beijing-based manufacturer has all kinds of products. And no, they not only offer smart devices, but you can also access all kinds of solutions that will help you practice sports. And these Xiaomi Mijia Sneaker 2 sneakers are a clear example of this. In this case, we find sneakers with a design that makes them especially comfortable, in addition to having a value for money that is very difficult to match.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

Without a doubt, one of the best (if not the best) activity bracelets that you can find within its price range, is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 . A product that sweeps sales due to a large number of functionalities it offers, such as a heart rate monitor or all kinds of sensors to monitor any physical activity.

In addition, it offers a 0.95-inch screen and AMOLED technology so you can view any notification on the sunniest days. Add to it its incredible autonomy (20 days guaranteed) together with a very interesting discount, to make it a product that you should not miss now.

Amazfit GTS

You still prefer a smartwatch that is in charge of monitoring any activity you do. In this case, the Amazfit GTS is one of the best options to consider. For starters, its design is clearly reminiscent of the Apple Watch, although its price is much lower. Add to it a large number of functionalities it has, as well as an inexhaustible battery, to have a truly complete product.

Huami Amazfit GTR

In the event that you prefer a smartwatch with a traditional design, nothing like the Amazfit GTR. A Xiaomi watches that offers all kinds of functionalities without neglecting that retro style that you like so much. And beware, it also offers a scandal battery (24 days without GPS activated), which says a lot about the great optimization work of the Asian manufacturer.

Muscle Fascia Relaxer Electric Massage

We turn to one of the most useful products that the Chinese firm has launched so that you can practice sports. No, this gadget will not help you during exercise, but it will be your best ally when you finish your routine. More than anything because we are facing a complete massager that is capable of reaching the fasciae. The result? Massage the muscle, preventing you from suffering the dreaded soreness after a day practicing sport to the fullest. And that detail is priceless …

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

Continuing with this compilation of the best Xiaomi products to practice sports, we could not miss the opportunity to recommend these headphones. When we had the opportunity to analyze the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots, it became clear that it is one of the best models within its price range.

And, if you take into account that they offer IPX4 certification so that sweat is not a problem, in addition to such an extremely attractive price, it is one of the solutions that you should not miss.

My Airdots Pro

Another much more premium option is the Mi Airdots Pro. In this case, we are dealing with a product with higher quality finishes, and which also offer a high acoustic landscape, along with more than enough autonomy for any user. A model that has nothing to envy Apple’s AirPods. And they cost three times less.

Xiaomi Mi Scale 2

We close this compilation with another of the models of the Chinese firm that you should not miss. No, this gadget will not help you to play sports, but it is necessary when you finish. More than anything because we are facing an intelligent scale capable of measuring your weight in a really precise way, in addition to measuring muscle mass, water level …