5 Best Ad Networks For Publishers – Best Ad Networks For Your Website

Ad Networks, this is an important issue in our field. You have to take what you do seriously so that Finding constant and reliable sources of quality material cannot be a limiting barrier for us as editors, bloggers, and others. So, see the list of the best advertisers that can help any publisher on this journey to generate the most revenue!

But if you want to be a different editor, you need to take into account that you need to do different things. Your goal may even be the same as the others, that is: to generate the most revenue. But, you have to do it the right way, adapting to your way.

When we talk about monetization, Google AdSense is mentioned for the first time. There’s nothing wrong with that – after all, it’s the biggest ad network in the world. However, it is not advisable to assume that no ad network can beat AdSense.


For publishers looking to increase advertising revenue, AdPushup is an ad network with advanced revenue optimization features such as ad layout optimization, automatic A/B testing, header bidding, AMP converters, and AdBlock recovery.

It’s a managed service, so publishers don’t need to manage their ads. The AdPushup ad operations team will take care of that. They also require partnering with top-tier ad networks and exchanges like Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo.

Combining premium demand and ad optimization tools can help publishers deliver a better user experience and achieve higher click-through rates and cost per thousand impressions, and their publishing partners’ revenue grew by an average of 33%. AdPushup is easy to get started and is evolving into a technology platform that drives ad revenue growth.


Media.net shows that the Yahoo! Bing consists of a large number of national and local advertisers, guaranteeing 100% fill rates for all verticals and ad formats. Some Media.net editors include Forbes, Eller, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Mr. fashion, etc. The ad network supports standard IAB ad sizes and has access to high-quality ads for all major DSPs. In addition, Media.net supports desktop interstitials, content-specific interstitials, and mobile-anchored interstitials.

Modelo: CPM, CPC, CPA


Minimum traffic:  None

RevenueHits uses the technology of geographic and contextual advertising services, making it the ideal choice for GDPR I to monetize websites, mobile sites, add-ons, widgets, toolbars, and more. It delivers over 2 billion ad impressions per day and promises a 100% fill rate across all geographies. In addition to display ads, ad networks allow publishers to monetize their websites using in-text ads, pop-ups, apps, widgets, XML feeds, and other custom formats.


Epom Market is a cross-platform advertising network connected to leading advertisers and publishers in over 40 countries across 15 verticals. Since then, the ad network has produced 13 billion ad impressions, attracting 320 million unique visitors each month. Provide category-targeted local and mobile advertising to ensure better user targeting and increase eCPM rates. In addition to standard banner ads, Epom supports footers, text, and mobile-specific ad units.

Model:  CPM, CPC, CPA, Auction

Minimum traffic:  500,000 monthly impressions


In addition to banner and single-click video ad formats, PropellerAds also supports all standard size banner ads such as 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600, and so on. So if ads are placed strategically, publishers can expect $1-2 CPM for US and UK inventory. They have 3,000 active ad campaigns worldwide and perform manual checks to remove all uncertain and suspicious advertisers, ensuring high-quality ads. Additionally, publishers can benefit from 100% monetized inventory, timely payments, personal account managers, and real-time detailed reporting.


Did you like today’s tips? This article is for you publishers who are willing to dominate Ad Networks and achieve their dream of generating the most revenue. So, just have enough dedication that your success in your mission is guaranteed! I recommend that you stay in the loop soon there will be more articles on how to increase revenue and make more profit.