Apple Car in 2025? The Car Should be Completely Autonomous

The Cupertino -based company has done a large part of the basic work related to designing a completely independent Apple Car.

Designed by a team of Cupertino engineers, the chipset is the most advanced component of this secret project in a completely independent electric car. We remind you that the whole project is called Project Titan.

Another announcement about the Apple Car

The company under the brand of bitten apple seems to be preparing to start testing the chipset. California is said to be the place where they were made. Apple officials believe the car will have better safety than the solutions offered by current competitors in the form of Tesla and Waymo.

The goal of the engineers participating in this project is to create a completely independent electric vehicle. One of the basic assumptions is the ability to move independently without driver intervention. The interior of the car should be spacious, and the seat structure is similar to the design known in prototypes of electric cars designed by Canoo. Inside, there will be space for a large touch screen with a nice interface similar to iOS.

What business model will Apple choose?

Interestingly, Apple has not yet supported the latest business model. Among other things, politicians were considering creating a series of private cars that could compete with Uber and Lyft. Mark Gurman, on the other hand, thinks the Cupertino giant is closer to deciding to sell its cars to individual customers

Apple also wants the electric car to comply with the CCS (Combined Charging System) standard, which allows charging at most charging stations quickly. The project’s completion date is also an ambitious goal. The latest report indicates that Apple will introduce its independent cars to the market in just four years.