BMW iX Flow: An Electric Car that can change color at the touch of a Button

CES 2022, held in Las Vegas, is being used by some car manufacturers to present their latest news. Although the American group General Motors has been the one that has brought the most proposals to the technology fair, the truth is that we cannot forget the role played by firms such as BMW.

The Bavarian brand has revealed during the event the new iX M60, the most performance version of its electric flagship. However, this has not been the only novelty with which BMW has come, as it has also exhibited an interesting prototype called iX Flow whose main characteristic is its ability to change color.

Yes, you read that right: at the touch of a button, the body of the iX Flow turns from dark gray to white. This is possible thanks to the use of E Ink technology, the same one that we find on the screens of Kindle eBooks. Thus, the exterior panels of the iX have been covered by a very thin layer made up of millions of microcapsules of electronic ink.

By means of electrical impulses generated by the vehicle itself, the bodywork can change color at the user’s will. According to BMW, changing from a light to a dark tone and vice versa could help heat or cool the cabin depending on the season we are in, thereby improving the effectiveness of the air conditioning system.

BMW has not specified if this technology will reach production

The company claims that this technology hardly consumes energy, as current is only needed to change the color of the bodywork. Although at the moment the iX Flow can only vary between two shades, it is expected that the company will continue to evolve this solution to allow the selection of a complete color palette.

Will this exciting trailer make it to production? On paper, it seems unlikely. Why? Beyond the greater complexity of the car production process, which would also become more expensive, the problem of scratching a body covered with this “paint” should be pointed out: repairing scratches and bumps would become much more expensive and laborious.