How to Play PC VR Games on Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest can function as a standalone headset, but you can also connect it to a PC for a full PC VR experience. The process is relatively straightforward, works with a wired or wireless connection, and gives you full access to SteamVR and many PC VR games.

What do you need?
To play PC VR games with Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, you’ll need a few things:

VR-capable PC.

USB 2.0 cable (USB 3 or better is highly recommended) with a USB-C connector for wired connection. Oculus offers the official Oculus Link cable. If your PC doesn’t have a USB-C connector, Oculus previously recommended this Anker PowerLine USB-A to USB-C cable.
A 5Ghz 802.11ac/WiFi 5 (or better) router that connects to a VR PC via Ethernet.
Oculus Quest Software for Windows.
At least one PC VR game (like Half-Life: Alyx).
The USB cable should be long enough to accommodate the type of VR experience you want to play. If you only want to play while sitting or standing still, you can use a shorter cable than room-scale games require. We used a 16-foot USB 3.1 cable in this case, which seems like a good general purpose length for VR.

Official Cable

Cable The official Oculus Link cable is 16 feet long and is guaranteed to work with the Oculus Quest, but other cables may work as well.

Preparing Your Guardians

Before connecting your Quest to a PC, you need to set your playing space limit. You will do this using your Quest in standalone mode. Whenever you place your Quest in a space that has no stored limit information, you will be prompted to create one. So place your Quest in the area you want to play and then confirm that the proper limit exists or create a new one when prompted. It will be the same limitation when you use PC VR.

How to Set Up a Wired Connection The

the first time you use Quest with a PC, there will be some initial setup work to do first. We’re assuming that you’ve set up your Quest as a standalone headset and will only handle PC VR processes using Quest here.

First, download the Oculus software for Windows. It is an installer named OculusSetup.exe. Run the installer and just follow the guided installation instructions. It may take a while to download the approximately 5 GB of data the app requires.

Oculus software installer on Windows.

During installation, you will be prompted to create or log in to your Oculus account. Be aware that, for Quest 2 users, a linked Facebook account is mandatory. For genuine Quest users, the linked Facebook account will become mandatory in the future, unless Facebook changes its plans.

Once you’re really into the Oculus app, it’s time to set up your Quest for PC VR.

First, select “Device” from the left sidebar. Then click “Add Headset.”

Oculus PC Add Headset

Select the correct headset model. In that case, this is Quest 2 for us.

Quest Select Headset Screen

Next, select a connection method. For a wired connection, select “Link (Cable).” We’ll tackle Air Link (Wireless) separately below.

Oculus link

Now, plug one end of your cable into your PC and the other end into your Quest. Make sure to use the USB 3 port if you are using a USB 3 cable.

Next, you will be given the opportunity to test your cable. We highly recommend that you do this, to ensure that you have enough real-world bandwidth for the best experience. If you are using a USB 2 connection, you will get a warning. You can still play on USB 2, but you’ll get a more compressed image and the performance may be inconsistent.
Quest Link Test Results

Once you reach the “Setup Completed” screen, click close and then plug in your still-connected headset.

Quest Setup Complete

Inside the headset, you’ll see a prompt asking if you want to activate Oculus Link. Say yes and you will be moved from the Quest environment to the Oculus PC environment. Now you are ready to play some games!

How to Play the Original Oculus Game

Playing the original Oculus PC game with Quest is no more difficult than playing the original Quest game. Once you’re in the Oculus PC virtual space, all you have to do is access your library and select the game you want to play.

Of course, if you’ve never done this before, you should start by actually buying and downloading some games. Some Quest games give you both PC and Quest versions of the game, so you may already have a look at some of the titles in your Oculus PC library.

You don’t need to buy or install games from within the headset. It’s easier and more convenient to do this using your standard monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

How to Play SteamVR and Other VR Games
What if you want to play a game that’s not in the official Oculus Library? The good news is that any game compatible with the old Oculus Rift is also Quest compatible.