Learn About 5G Network Technology And Its Benefits

HOWTOLERN.COM – Developments that were growing rapidly at that time had a direct impact on the world of technology. As one of the pillars of daily activities, technology is also developing to make life easier for those who use it well.

Telecommunications is one of the technology sectors that is positively influenced by the innovations of its actors. In Indonesia, the development of telecommunications is very large, which makes it easier for users.

In the past, everyone was only familiar with telephones and payphones at home. Also, when there was a pay phone, the sad work began to expand to make it easier for people who needed to communicate.

Then came a technology called mobile phones. Starting from very expensive prices, everyone can access cellphones with only hundreds of thousands of cellphones.

Then 3G technology got a lot of attention because it offers so many features, especially in internet speed and video calling features. 3.5G technology continues to 4G, 5G finally appeared last year.

5G Network Development

Once you know what 5G means, you need to know its benefits. In practice, 5G network technology is still a concept whose benefits are not yet clearly defined. But if we take a closer look at the 5G concept, we can conclude that some of the advantages of 5G are:

It has much higher data rates than 4G, which makes it easy for users to use it. The speed of data transfer from one phone to another in milliseconds. 5G network technology offers difficult advantages compared to other technologies. Connect to other devices such as appliances, phones and cars.

Looking at the three advantages of 5G above, this shows how to beat 4G with 5G. Even according to estimates, 5G network speeds can reach 800 Gbps.

The 5G network has now successfully entered Indonesia and the general public can use it. With the help of the government, people are becoming more familiar with technology.