The 20 Smart Phones That are Worth the Money

The truth is that it would be easier for us to rate mobile phones based on their technical characteristics only, but this would result in the most expensive smartphones always occupying the first place.

No one can dispute, except for a few typical cases, those expensive smartphones are usually the best. But how many can get such a device without risking being left without food for at least two months?

A good smartphone is not only based on the features it provides, but also on whether it is affordable for consumers. Why should only a smartphone that costs at least one monthly be considered good? Value for money proves to be an even more useful piece of technology.

Business Insider has compiled the 20 best smartphones on the market in terms of device-price ratio.

What are The Top 20 of Value for Money Smartphones:

  1. BlackBerry Key2

The smartphone brand became famous because of Obama, but the smartphone design race brought it far back to consumer preferences. Also, the rumors that BlackBerry can easily become a target of hackers, have lost much of their momentum.

The BlackBerry Key2 is definitely the most unique smartphone on our list as it has a real keyboard! Being a trademark of BlackBerry, you will know that you are sacrificing screen space for the famous keyboard. If you are not a big fan of BlackBerry, the truth is that you will hardly be impressed.

  1. Moto G7

Motorola’s Moto G series is considered one of the best smartphone versions aimed at most consumers since it was first released in 2013. Each new generation of the series proves to be even better than the previous one, while their prices remain extremely low in relation to the competition. The new G7 has a number of updated features and has several retro applications that will please every user.

  1. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has been on the market for two years now, with their lowest prices now provoking every consumer as they are based on the same successful recipe.

One of the features of Apple devices is that they offer better applications and give a better experience to the consumer, compared to the big competitors that use Android software. There are many who point out that Apple’s technical support far exceeds those who make smartphones with the Android operating system.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus offers a number of great features such as water resistance, high definition cameras that perform just as well in low light are the features of these models, as well as the powerful processors that hide while they can be connected. with any other Apple device or accessory.

  1. HTC U12 +

The HTC U12 + has an original design that makes it stand out from the rest of the devices and is addressed to all those who are tired of seeing the same designs on the smartphones on the market. Comes in three bright colors that change when you have them in different lighting.

With dual front and rear cameras, the HTC U12 + is considered one of the top-performing devices. One of the features of HTC is the options located on the buttons on the side of the device that can activate different applications and assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  1. Razer Phone 2

The Razer Phone 2 is promoted as a gaming mobile, mainly because of its unique appearance. Its screen can refresh 120 times per second. To understand the comparison, consider that most smartphones refresh their screen about 60 times per second. The fast refresh of the Phone 2 screen allows it to offer excellent game quality.

Its refresh rate not only makes the games good, but it affects the entire system of the device and offers an easy-to-use and enjoyable experience that can not be found on other smartphones. The Razer model is expected to be the bar that all devices will have to go through and how all screens should be.

But there is a lot more to this phone besides its screen. Its design catches the eye when compared to most Android phones, while features such as wireless charging, water resistance, and impressive lighting in the company’s brand make it stand out from the competition.

The large borders at the top and bottom of the screen give a retro look to the device but hide the most powerful and best speakers on the market.

  1. LG G7

The LG G7 is a great smartphone that definitely has a place in the list. It has everything one could want from a smartphone, including performance, as well as a great camera and other features such as wireless charging and water resistance.

It even has a headphone jack and one of the most powerful speakers you can find on a smartphone. Like all LG phones, it has a high-quality amplifier for the best music quality through headphones. Performance that stands out compared to other smartphones on the market.

  1. iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 comes with the retro design of the iPhone 6, but with a modern touch. It has a finished glass and metal case, an amazing camera, and a very strong performance. With this, Apple supports both wireless and fast charging. An application that has been available on Android phones for years, but was missing from previous iPhone models.

  1. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the latest model from the technology company and clearly shows why many consumers worldwide now prefer Huawei devices, even if they are the most expensive devices in the company. This device is one of the most beautiful models that satisfy the consumer in most places. The US market that has ruled out this model is definitely worse as the rivalry between the US and Huawei continues.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 is a great smartphone that has every possible application that a smartphone user may want. It has all the latest technological additions, while it stands out for its high definition, while it has one of the best cameras that one can find on a smartphone. Its design is great, and it has the ability to charge wirelessly, and water resistance, as well as various other features that make the Galaxy S9 a successful purchase.

So why is it not at the top of our list? Other smartphones, including the larger relative, the Galaxy S9 Plus, come with a dual-camera system, and the Android operating system is not as easy to use for everyone.

  1. iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is considered one of the options that should be included by every consumer who wants to enjoy the core of the iPhone experience. It may have an older design, but it comes with the same mechanism as the iPhone X and a great dual focus camera, where one lens is dedicated exclusively to maximizing image focus.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The Galaxy S9 Plus is mainly a larger version of the regular Galaxy S9 but has a dual-camera system, where the secondary lenses serve the possibility for even greater zoom. The Plus model also comes with more RAM than the regular S9 and boosts processing speed.

The Galaxy S9 Plus is considered one of the top smartphone options because it is a clear example that you do not need to spend $ 1,000 to get a top device that offers you everything. It is always the best suggestion for anyone looking for a new smartphone.

  1. iPhone X

Apple may have stopped selling the iPhone X now, but it is still available in many stores. Although it still “runs” with the old A11 chip, many iPhone users do not notice this difference in performance compared to the iPhone XS which has the newer version of the A12 chip. This is because of the iOS 12 operating system and the maximum optimization it brings.

It is considered by many to be a better purchase than a new iPhone XS that costs more for just a few upgrades. But if you are going to spend so much on a smartphone, then maybe you do not mind and give so much more to get the latest model.

  1. LG V40

Finally, an LG smartphone can be found in the list. The LG V40 is a great smartphone that has all the usual innovative applications that all Android phones have and comes with a triple camera on the back that offers the user maximum functionality to capture their favorite moments.

With the wide-angle lens that is a trademark of LG and another that offers the maximum possible focus, the LG V40 is the top choice for those who focus on audio and video quality as it comes with a high-quality amplifier inside the device that makes the music sounds even better through the headphones.

  1. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

The very expensive models of $ 1,000 and over, iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX are the design foam of Apple that is combined with performance and applications. They are technically the best iPhones you could ever buy, but their place on the list is also influenced by their very high purchase prices.

If you are willing to spend at least $ 1,000 for a smartphone then do it with an iPhone X. A personal view is that a four-digit number for a smartphone, especially when it does not have a fast charger or even a USB-C adapter for your traditional headphones.

The two devices have exactly the same features. Their main difference is in the screen and the size and it is purely a matter of choice if one prefers bigger or smaller phones.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 is the best Android smartphone ever released by Samsung. It has a large 6.4-inch screen that looks great with Samsung technology. Combined with its modern applications, it is a highly productive and versatile machine. At the same time, the use of the S pen can help those who are in a moment of inspiration or want to be better organized.

Its price at $ 1,000 seems prohibitive, as it is many times more than a simple smartphone, but when comparing the Galaxy Note 9 with another device of the same amount then the comparison will make the Samsung smartphone the winner.

  1. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy S10 is an overall improvement in design, performance, and applications, while at the same time having the secret of success of Samsung smartphones that makes them stand out.

It is a fantastic smartphone that comes with many more applications and brings it high on the list, with the ultra-wide camera that stands out. However, its cost is very high and does not offer the best value for money like the Galaxy S10e.

  1. Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL have arguably the best cameras on the market on a smartphone. They also run Android software that is “clean”, well-designed and receives updates as soon as Google releases them. Something that few android phones can accomplish at the moment.

The new Pixel 3 devices come with a dual camera for selfies, with one being able to take normal photos and the other having the ability for ultra-wide angle selfies.

The only difference between the two devices is the screen size and design, where the Pixel 3 has a more traditional smartphone design, with the Pixel 3 XL taking a step further in design, perhaps unsuccessfully for many.

  1. iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is probably the most beautiful compared to its other expensive competitors, such as the iPhone XS, and XS Max. In essence, it offers the experience that the XS series offers with fewer “baubles” and of course worse resolution as nothing can compare to the OLED screen and the dual camera. But an honest exchange that saves $ 250.

At $ 750 the iPhone XR has a great price for an iPhone with such a large screen and the latest applications, with the only drawback of course that it is not available on smaller models ….

  1. Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10e is probably the best smartphone in terms of value for money from any Android or Apple that is above the value of $ 700.

It has the same processor as the Galaxy S10, which starts at $ 900, and has a great display, a perfect camera and an ultrawide camera, a fingerprint sensor, that works better than its Galaxy S10 counterpart and is cheaper.

Anyone who wants a small-screen Android phone should definitely put the Galaxy S10e on their list.

  1. OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T does not come with the many applications that come with other devices on the list, such as wireless charging, official water resistance ratings, or camera lenses that can take high-resolution photos. Nevertheless, it is at the top of the list.

This is because he does everything and does it well. It looks great, takes photos, runs Android and has apps, charges fast, and has long battery life. All this at the extremely attractive price of $ 550, especially when compared to devices of $ 750 and up.

There is no application that the owner of the device will want to use and will not be able to do it with the OnePlus 6T. It is the best proposal in the match between quality-price and high performance.