Top 10 Smart Home Gadgets you need for a smart home in 2021

The future is changing with smart home gadgets

Do you know that if all your home appliances were smart home gadgets, they could connect to the Internet and interact with each other and with you? Have you thought about what it would be like to be able to function and adjust them through your mobile phone from anywhere in the world, wherever you are?

And yet, all of the above is not science fiction, but a new trend that has flooded the world in recent years and is called a smart home.

What is a smart home and how does it work?

The smart home, then, or smart home if you prefer Greek, comes from the future as these are homes that have integrated smart devices connected to Wi-Fi. Smart devices connect with each other, offering you awesome features and functions, most importantly automation.

In the smart home, everything is done automatically, easily, and quickly with the push of a button or with a voice command. Thus, you save time, effort, but also money, as you consume less energy and therefore you come out triple earned.

Smart home gadgets that will solve your hands

In the market, you will find a huge variety of smart home gadgets that you can use, either in your own smart home or as a gift to a friend. Believe us, he will appreciate it very much! See below for some suggestions and start getting ideas.

  • RemoBell S

Do you want to see who is ringing your bell and what is happening inside your house while you are away? The brand new RemoBell S is one of the best home gadgets that supports HD video, Alexa, and Google Assistant voice commands, and interoperability with other home devices. With very easy installation, unbeatable price, and incredible functions, it is difficult not to be included in your home smart list.

  • Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

In the smart home, the lighting goes to another dimension. The new Yeelight Smart LED Bulb, which has 16 million colors, connects wirelessly to your home network. The best part, though, is that it provides Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands, while also allowing you to adjust the lighting from your mobile phone, creating shocking lighting effects.

  • Echo Studio

Amazon has launched an original audio device with 5 speakers that produce an impressive and powerful sound. With voice command support from Alexa, you can ask her to play your favorite music, read the news of the day and answer your questions. Search for millions of songs from Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer and take your experience to the next level.

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

A top choice among the many smart home gadgets is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. The Amazon smart lock with built-in WiFi has great features, such as letting you know when your door is open. Working with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant,

  • Nest Protect

The smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector warns you of fire and other dangers and helps you get out of the house by turning on the lights automatically. It has an automatic alarm with an LED light that changes color in case of emergency while working with Alexa and Google Home.

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung makes a difference by launching a central system that connects all the smart home gadgets in your home. From light bulbs and the camera to smart locks, everything can be under your control. It has built-in WiFi and an advanced surveillance system with an alarm, which produces video, turns on the lights, or unlocks the doors in case of emergency.

  • Google Nest Hub the ultimate Smart Home Gadget

The Google Nest Hub is the smartest 7-inch screen on the market today. With an unsurpassed high-resolution camera and incredible technical features, you can put it in your bedroom or kitchen. Ask Google Assistant to tell you the weather, the news, or whatever you want. You can operate it from morning to night, take it everywhere with you, listen to music, watch videos and recipes, wherever you are!

  • Arlo Ultra

Are you looking for an outdoor security camera for your home? Arlo Ultra is what you are looking for, as it records in UHD video everything that happens outside your home. With built-in automatic zoom, motion monitoring, night vision, and central siren you will now sleep safely!

  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control

This smart thermostat should definitely be added to your smart home list. With Alexa support, built-in WiFi, and a powerful audio system, you can adjust and control the temperature of your home at any time easily and quickly with a simple voice command!