Xiaomi Himo L2 Flexible Electric Scooter

We all understand how tough it’s far to live anywhere in a metropolis center. Noisy crowds, public transportation, and site visitors jams can disrupt your instantaneously business.

Xiaomi Himo L2 Flexible Electric Scooter

We all know how difficult it is to stay everywhere in a city center. Noisy crowds, public transportation, and traffic jams can disrupt your immediate business. New Flexible Electric Scooter Himo L2 It helps you to be on time, it combines speed, power, and unique design

The Hemo L2 electric scooter uses a lightweight aluminum chassis, in addition to maintaining the high durability of this product, especially for heavyweights (up to 150 kg), in addition to being easy to transport. Like other existing electric scooters, this product has a simpler design, and this simplicity is superior to other products in the Homo L2.

This product development team strives to fully adhere to engineering and safety principles in product development. The accelerator and brake pads on the right side of the vehicle are on the other side of the vehicle. The back of the scooter is equipped with a tail light

LED Screen

The controller has an LCD display that shows information about battery capacity, current speed, and how to use it. For enhanced night vision, it features side lights, LED lights, and cat eyes


Using the display on the scooter handle, you can select one of the three driving modes (Eco, Standard, and Sport), and see if your scooter needs to cool down your current speed, and the remaining battery capacity on the display. (When driving on unusual mountains), a warning sign appears on the screen.
One of the attractive features of the HIMO L2 scooter is that it is equipped with a long-range cruise control system.

Brake system

One of the best features of the Xiaomi Himo L2 scooters is that it is equipped with an excellent disc braking system. The ohm on the steering wheel can be used to connect the brake disc with holes for cooling the nuts.
Stop short distance, this brake system works very well in all weather conditions.


Xiaomi Himo L2 electric scooter has a set of lithium-ion batteries. It costs 6 amps in 10 hours, 6 amps. When fully charged, it can travel up to 20 miles [35 km]. This can greatly reduce the cost and capacity of battery failure