Xiaomi Mi Watch Review: Global version of the Smartwatch

About a year ago, Xiaomi introduced the Wii Mi watt, but they are only for the Chinese market. Xiaomi has now launched a completely different smartwatch, but with a global firmware of the same name Xiaomi Mi Watch.

The look of the Mi Watch model is completely different from what we have compared to the Chinese and world markets. So, in this review, I will tell you about the main features of the global version, and we will check whether they are worthy of your attention.

About the price tag, it’s very challenging. For example, the global Xiaomi Mi Watch can now be purchased for only $ 95. That is, the international version of the watch is much cheaper than the Chinese. Let me remind you that at the beginning of the sale, the Chinese version of Chinese My Vision used to be around $ 250, but now you can buy it for $ 150.

I can point to the main features of the international version – it has a standard round AMOLED screen with 1.39 inches and high resolution. The device also has a number of sensors, such as a heart rate sensor, accelerator, gyroscope, geometric sensor, barometric sensor, and more. There are also more than 110 different free-time faces and I can fully protect the 5 ATM standard water.

So, to begin with, I would like to begin my detailed and in-depth review of the global version of the MV Smart Watch to find out the major advantages and disadvantages.

Unpacking and packing

The universal version of the Xiaomi Mi Watch is in the same box as the Chinese version. The front is a long rectangular box with a built-in smartwatch. The popular Apple product has the same box as the smartwatch.

Naturally, all texts and descriptions are written in English. I also want to note that the black color of the box gives the device a certain value, so the box does not look very poor.

Inside the box, I found a warranty card, the smartwatch itself, and a charging document with a USB-A port. So everything is here for the full service. Now let’s look at how smartwatches are assembled and what materials are used in our performance

Build design, quality and materials

The main difference between the international and Chinese versions is ExxIn front of the case is around and square screen. In terms of size, the new watch comes in 53x46x11mm and weighs about 33 grams

The first thing that surprised me was the comfort of the watch on his wrist. They fit nicely, and I really didn’t feel comfortable in my everyday attire or sports.+

The smartphone has a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 454 × 454 pixels. At the same time, the pixel density is 326 ppi per inch. I like the brightness of the screen at 450 watts. Therefore, the information on the screen can be viewed even in sunny weather.

Overall the screen quality is very good. The screen is also protected by 3rd generation gorilla glass. So you do not have to be afraid of small scratches, but I do not recommend that you check the clothing, especially.+

There are two control buttons on the right. This is the power button and goes to the main menu, and the other key is to go to sports training modes. Pressing both buttons is very flexible and smooth.

Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch is fully waterproof according to the 5 ATM standards. If you like to play sports in the pool, then this watch is definitely for you. Because the maximum immersion depth is up to 50 meters

There are contacts on the back of the Global Smart Clock and many more, as well as contacts to charge through the dock.

In terms of quality of construction, Miami has received two materials. The front of the case is made of metal alloys, and the back is made of durable plastic. There are no special complaints about the quality of the construction, everything is done at a high price.

The last thing I want to mention in this section is the portable silicone strap. The strap itself is very comfortable to the touch, so wearing it for a long time was uncomfortable. At the same time, the bending width was 22mm and if you want to switch to another option this will definitely not be a problem for you